Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Two Articles

Rather than write on the War on Lebanon any further today, I thought I'd put forth two other voices. The first article is from Bob Herbert - a link to the complete text will have to wait until it is available (I'll update this post when/if that happens) but a synopsis is available from Editor & Publisher.
The second article is by Gideon Levy with with the Haaretz newspaper in Israel. Below is a brief excerpt:
"In Gaza, a soldier is abducted from the army of a state that frequently abducts civilians from their homes and locks them up for years with or without a trial - but only we're allowed to do that. And only we're allowed to bomb civilian population centers....

Israel once again is not distinguishing between a justified war against Hezbollah and an unjust and unwise war against the Lebanese nation."

One of my overriding concerns has been the entirely unacceptable attacks upon non-combatants. To the list, add four UN soldier that died in an Israeli bombing of a UNITED NATIONS MILITARY BASE. How does this happen? How does a state bomb a marked UN military base? Israel promises an inquiry....

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