Saturday, July 22, 2006

From America, With Love

Earlier today my dear colleauge posted a photo of Israeli children writing on missiles. There are many lessons to take from that photos - individuals who become so inured to violence that they forget its costs, the perpetuation of violence by celebrating it with children, etc - but there is one that I do not want to be lost. Every American taxpayer is doing far worse - we are PAYING for those missiles. The New York Times reported today that the Bush Administration is expediting shipments of additional missiles to Israel - the same missiles at the hands of which 373 Lebanese have already been killed.

But I would like to share hope as well. Tonight I attended a vigil at Greenlake. It was a vigil for peace, for those lost, and for those trapped. It was put together in a mere two days, but you'd never have known it - I estimate attendance at around 200, there were a variety of speakers (a religious leader from the Northgate mosque, a pastor from the UCC, and Judith Kolokoff of Jewish Voice for Peace, amongst others). The vigil was attended by people of all backgrounds and faiths, of all ages. It was particularly heartening to see children holding signs for peace after photos of children signing missiles and other photos of children on the receiving end of those missiles [caution on the link - extremely graphic, but that is the true face of war]. I will post pictures from the vigil as soon as they are available to me.

The movement for peace will continue, and it will grow. I hope you will join us. I will provide updates about events as I hear about them, but be prepared for a march either this week or this weekend. We are financing this war and the casualties that come with - it is up to us to end the deaths.

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