Monday, July 24, 2006

Support H.CON.RES.450 (Don't worry, I'll translate)

The United States today pledged $30 million to aid in the recovery of Lebanon. So yes, for those keeping score at home, we are now paying both for the bombs that destroy the infrastructure and also to rebuild the infrastructure. Not that we shouldn't pay to rebuild - that is the least of our moral duties - but while we can pay to rebuild the roads, ports, and apartment buildings we cannot pay to bring back the civilian lives already lost. Indeed, we continue to do little to prevent further loss of innocent life.

Speaking of preventing further loss of innocent life, the House of Representatives lately passed a resolution giving no mention to doing that (you can read the text here but I've honestly read far better resolutions from the ASUW Student Senate). It passed 410 - 8. (Anyone else reminded of the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act?) Fortunately, there is now an alternative (H. Con. Res. 450) which calls for a cease fire, multiparty negotiations, and an international peacekeeping force. You can e-mail your representative directly from the JVP website by clicking here.

Also, if you have a chance contact Rep. Jim McDermott and thank him for his courage in voting against the previous resolution (H.RES.923), which failed to address the civilian lives lost functions as a sort of 'blank check' of support for any further actions on the territory of other states. You can read Rep. McDermott's comments, which I just borrowed from, here. It was an act of courage on his part and a message of peace deserving of our thanks.

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