Sunday, January 15, 2006


Every now and then, I get myself to Saint Mark's Cathedral on Capitol Hill because even though I know that "God is everywhere" I somehow think God is a bit closer there. They do great stuff at that place.

The bus pulled up to the cathedral yesterday and I was surprised to find the parking lot completely full. I figured that a wedding was happening, but I thought I take a look inside just to be sure. Besides, who gets married in this weather?

I cracked one of the heavy wooden doors open to catch a glimpse of what was going on and I saw a line of ministers in full vestments (church service clothes) with choral music echoing all around. As it turns out, I stumbled upon a ceremony ordaining two new priests. I got there just at the very end of it, which meant I was able to score some bread and wine (Jesus is tasty).

Being there made me think of the future. Two people became priests today - this ceremony is annual. Two for the year, for the entire region of Western Washington. The Episcopal Church... what will it be when (if) I get a chance to wear the collar and the robes? The shell of an bygone mind, a sentimental antique (the antique of sentiment)?

What is Christianity going to be? What will it mean in ten years? I don't think an answer exists yet - but I do think that progressive people, fearlessly post-modern, have a stake in what happens. Progressive values must inform the Church of tomorrow - but it'll take some work.

Do you think Christianity is worth it? I think that's a good question.

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Bryce McKibben said...

It is worth it Alex, definitely worth it. But worth it in a future form...