Friday, January 20, 2006

Congratulations are in order

A few moments ago, this happened:

Karl Smith stood awkwardly in front of my desk, looking down at me. Grinning, he said, "So, I was leaving my house this morning and I saw the mail-woman putting mail in the mailbox."

I raised my eyebrow. "Okay..."

"And there were some letters."

"Okay... and...?"

"Oh you want to know more?" I smiled in reply. "Well, there was one letter, it was from UW Law School."

My eyes doubled themselves and my mouth dropped open, waiting. "Karl, oh my God, and..."

Karl interrupted my expectant stuttering - "Yeah, I'm in."

If anyone I know has ever so fully deserved something, it would be Karl Smith and Law School. I jumped up and cried, "Oh my God, Oh my God! That's amazing!" I ran around to the front of the desk and gave my friend a hug. It feels great to be so happy for someone else.

Later now, I'm writing this and realizing that the end of the year is coming up, and it's going to be tough. So many friends are moving on. I felt a stinging stir in my jaw.

Congratulations man.


srcastic said...

Congrats Karl! The hell that is law school awaits.

Selma said...

Congratulations to your Karl. And Alex... you're a great friend. Karl should be lucky.

Kristal said...

Congratulations, Karl! You deserve it.