Monday, September 04, 2006

2006 Primary Elections Crib Sheet

Below is a list of candidates deserving of your support in the primary election. Those which are marked by an asterisk (*) WILL BE DECIDED IN THE PRIMARY ELECTION! The other Supreme Court race may well be decided in the primary election if one candidate receives over 50% of the votes. It is imperative that you vote in the primary, as these are some of the most important races of the year. Some races are specific to certain locations, others are statewide. All are for the Democratic primary.

State Supreme Court, Pos. 2

Susan Owens - See below

State Supreme Court, Pos. 8 *

Gerry Alexander - See below

State Supreme Court, Pos. 9 *

Tom Chambers - See below

United States Senate

Maria Cantwell

United States Representative, Dist. 4

Richard Wright

United States Representative, Dist. 7 - More information

Jim McDermott

Washington State Senate, Dist. 35

Kyle Taylor Lucas - More information

Washington State Representative, Dist. 43 *

Jamie Pedersen


On Supreme Court Election

I will post more thoroughly on each of these races in the coming days, but never have I seen an easier choice in an election, nor one so vital. As I previously posted, certain right-wing organizations, led by the BIAW, are trying to buy the State Supreme Court. The last thing we need are unqualified, ideologically-driven Supreme Court justices. Additionally, at least two (but possibly all three) races WILL be decided in the primary!

Vote Gerry Alexander, Tom Chambers, and Susan Owens for Washington State Supreme Court!

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